The LTI-904 leak test instrument is a one or two channel test system that operates on clean dry shop air to accurately test for product leaks.

Mass Flow

The LTI-904 displays corrected airflow readings through the use of a mass flow transducer. This state-of-the-art technology provides test results, which are independent of daily changes in barometric pressure and ambient temperature. This leak test instrument measures the leakage or flow of air through the part under test at a specific test pressure. When the leak test is initiated this instrument automatically pressurizes the part, allows the air pressure within the part to stabilize, and measures the actual leakage through the part. The leakage or flow is displayed in actual engineering units.

Pressure Decay/Change

Two pressure decay/change methods are available depending upon the specific application. Applications with a high leak rate specification or a small test volume utilize a gage-pressure-decay test method. Applications with a low leak rate specification or a large test volume will use a pressure-differential-decay test method. With either method this leak test instrument pressurizes the test part, allows the air pressure within the part to stabilize, and measures the decay/change in pressure.


Operating Temperature35-130°f (2-55°c)
Relative Humidity0-95% Non-Condensing
Standard Full Scale Range10sccm to 30slpm
Maximum Full Scale Rangeup to 300slpm
Pressure Test Input Pressure125psig Maximum (std)
Pressure Test90psig Maximum (std)
Vacuum Test Input Vacuum30 in Hg Maximum (std)
Vacuum Test25 in Hg Maximum